walking simulator
soundtrack by Fish Don't Like Milk

thanks to John for programming help: https://lemon-lime-itchy.itch.io/dream-dragon
thanks to Torahhorse for first person drifter controller for unity3d

please note: if the browser version doesn't work for you, or the mouse controls are weird, please try the download version instead.

any feedback is very much appreciated!
claufiersoft (at) gmail (dot) com 


WASD - move
mouse - look
space - jump
shift - run
right click - zoom in
escape - pause




you can also play this game in multiplayer and/or virtual reality with VRChat!

Install instructions

Open the zip file, extract the folder by dragging and dropping it somewhere. Then run "hendecad.exe".


Windows 80 MB
Mac 82 MB
Linux 84 MB

Development log


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fascinating. I've seen so much yet I feel like I only scratched the surface. love it!


Thank you! I'm working on a new update now, it will be the final update that adds some hard to reach areas and ties up all the loose ends. Don't know when it'll be done!


I found the new map after looking for it in the wrong location for half an hour. The Earth sweets in the two towers were a pleasant surprise, I could almost taste them.


I love this.

can you make cement mixer simulator available on web?   

I swear this game is a social satire in hiding.


Great update with lots to see. The starting level is now the most content rich level yet. Glad this game is still getting updated, it has a very unique atmosphere to it.


Hey guys, I found the people writing the Hendecad story! (descend to the basement from the yellow house, then take left, go to the end of corridor, take right, go to the room straight ahead) This game will be FIRE! Witcher, Elder scrolls, The last of us or Life is strange series have nothing on this game. I trust only them to write Half Life 3 if Valve never does.

Because there's no music, I was planning to play Cement mixer's music in the background, but then I remember I have my own set of memories related to that game. Bad memories, but still. So I'm using "Lilac & her light" game's music instead.

This was really neat! I'm excited to see what else you'll be adding to this as time goes on. There's a lot of interesting spots to take a look at, and it has a level of oddity that you really don't see too often. Quality stuff!


This is a promising start to a weird game. I think the inside out houses are my personal favorite so far. I also found a small bug when trying to jump off the platform on the intro level, I got stuck lol. Anyway here's a playthrough of this awesome game if you want to see more detailed comments.