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One of my favorite games, I have spent hours exploring what I believed to be every secret this game had to offer.

However, I have one question I would like answered, If anyone has found the Camera relating to this TV, if it exist, I would be very grateful.


Future me here, this is the album cover for the games OST! Cant believe I didnt catch that

That TV displays an album cover of the music in this game. "Fish don't like milk"

It's not an in game camera.


This game, I love this game, the texture, the taste, the smell, it's all so charming, I love this game a lot.
I find a lot of happiness in this game.

the new area scared me because "it" faded in while i was taking in the area. Good job I didn't expect that. Lots of dead ends that don't seem right though

This is the coolest game I've ever played. I don't understand it, but i think it has to do something with the working class, how badly they're treated, life in general.. i think? well nonetheless this is an amazing game.


fascinating. I've seen so much yet I feel like I only scratched the surface. love it!

Deleted 249 days ago

I found the new map after looking for it in the wrong location for half an hour. The Earth sweets in the two towers were a pleasant surprise, I could almost taste them.


I love this.

can you make cement mixer simulator available on web?   

I swear this game is a social satire in hiding.


Great update with lots to see. The starting level is now the most content rich level yet. Glad this game is still getting updated, it has a very unique atmosphere to it.


Hey guys, I found the people writing the Hendecad story! (descend to the basement from the yellow house, then take left, go to the end of corridor, take right, go to the room straight ahead) This game will be FIRE! Witcher, Elder scrolls, The last of us or Life is strange series have nothing on this game. I trust only them to write Half Life 3 if Valve never does.

Because there's no music, I was planning to play Cement mixer's music in the background, but then I remember I have my own set of memories related to that game. Bad memories, but still. So I'm using "Lilac & her light" game's music instead.

But there is music, it is a bit quiet but still. 

This was really neat! I'm excited to see what else you'll be adding to this as time goes on. There's a lot of interesting spots to take a look at, and it has a level of oddity that you really don't see too often. Quality stuff!


This is a promising start to a weird game. I think the inside out houses are my personal favorite so far. I also found a small bug when trying to jump off the platform on the intro level, I got stuck lol. Anyway here's a playthrough of this awesome game if you want to see more detailed comments.