A downloadable simulator for Windows

a cement mixing exploration game. soundtrack by DJ Rozwell

also check out the follow up to this game, Hendecad (still being added to)

any feedback is very much appreciated!
claufiersoft (at) gmail (dot) com 


R / start/ select - return to the hub area
WASD / left stick - move
mouse / right stick - look
space / right trigger - jump
shift / left trigger - run
escape - quit



Release date Mar 11, 2016
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsAbstract, Atmospheric, Experimental, First-Person, Mystery, no-objective, Surreal, suspense, Unreal Engine, Walking simulator
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
LinksTwitter, Soundtrack


Cement Mixer Simulator 2003 0.22 (32 bit).zip 293 MB
Cement Mixer Simulator 2003 0.22 (64 bit).zip 314 MB


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i'm not sure what just happened 

Played the game on my YouTube channel! I am so confused..

This game left an impact on me. The kind of impact that will likely require years of therapy to recover from.

game of the year

Welp love the bait and switch but imma consider this a spook even though it's technically not a horror game cuz it would belong in that catagory to me. gg


Love the game! Went crazy trying to decode languages and get though those extra doors. Though through that process it became clear to me just how much subtle world building you managed to throw into this game. Loved every second of it and I'd love to see more set in this weird but wonderful world.


There is a sequel called "Hencedad"

I saw, I played it right after I made this comment. Sadly the worlds didn't overlap much and the new one didn't feel quite as coherent to me. It was still a great game, I just adored the way that this game did world building and made it feel like there were secrets when there were no more. In comparison Hencedad feels a lot more disjointed as you go from place to place and it had less of a concentration on secret discoveries and never really dangled anything in front of your face to try to solve.


So sad that this great game canceled, this game has so much potential. I love this game so much.


is there an ending?

Deleted 257 days ago

I find this game weirdly relaxing...


I'm being serious. I watched a play through of this and got very emotional. I don't understand. I shed a single tear. it feels so good


I was playing you're game and got a glitch where if I tried to jump on a railing in the place with the beak people and apartments i would glitch through and managed to get outside the map.

Can you fix it?


great worldbuilding, thanks for the inspiration

I don't know if I found everything or did everything, but it was a surreal enjoyable feeling.

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Oh i loved this game. Love the bait and switch with a cute Which looks like this game isn't scary at all. The random 2003 which doesn't have anything to do with the date, like the BORN TO DIE meme. This might actually have something to do with cement mixing. It's not that you mix cement in the game, it's that you simulate the daily life of a person who works at a cement mixer company. He probably had drugs in that cement.

The bird people which look like the bird people from Yume Nikki are amazing characters in this game. 

These guys look so cute i love them. They are stereotypical minimum wage workers which need to feed their family with Borsch, and simple food just to stay alive, which is why they look so skinny.

In the game poster image "Cement mixer simulator 2003", you can see the reflection of the bird people.

You are trapped and your life is nothing but work and families. You live in fantasies, amazing fantasies.

You live your life inside of dreams, not real. You get into beautiful cornfields, barns, dream islands, to get away from the disgrace that is your life.

That is just how i see this game, it's amazing, great models, fantastic character design and an idea. Very creative and original. I don't understand this game but i love it. 9/10. Weird and great!


Game is very scary. i expected different game. Game does not say this. God bless you.

Strange game BUT not bad...

It making U think things over....



Will we ever get a Mac version of this game? 

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Absolutely phenomenal. Lots of strong atmospheres in areas, has a ton of attention to detail here and there. There's a lot of strange and hidden tidbits behind doors that are slightly cracked open, and this game is probably at its best when you take the time to search thoroughly.  If you haven't played it, you'd better!

I have to be honest. I love this game so so much. It's such a creative take on this genera of game. I'm actually doing a mini series on my youtube channel of the game here.


is this some horror game?


The only horror is poorly scrumpled humplefluffs, they mix very low quality cement